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There have been no recorded sightings of Emerald Island since 1821. First spotted by British sailing ship The Emerald, since then, though charted on seafaring maps, it has remained a phantom. However...standing at the Emerald Island Distillery, gazing out to the Solitary Islands, through the tropical haze you can just make out the green of a mysterious mirage...The Emerald Island!


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Seasonal Regional Botanicals

Premium Dry Gin

Serve over ice, or top with Fever-Tree Light Tonic.

Don’t be scared of a short mix either, bigger is not always better. You don’t want to drown this little gem. A lowball glass, high ice and half the mixer, means Emerald Island Premium Dry Gin can take the lead role.

Expect loads of flavour from this delightful little number.

We recommend garnishing with a basil flower, a slice of sour seasonal fruit, or a tortured raspberry - rather than the more traditional garnish of lemon or lime - (which tend to overpower the botanicals in Emerald Island gins).

Take your time with it, appreciate not only the flavour but the fragrance. Best imbibed in a semi-reclined position...hammock or poolside recliner equally fitting. The lady inside the bottle has the position nailed.


Mirage Gin with Light Tonic

Everything about Mirage Gin is natural, from the vibrant seasonal botanicals, to the amazing deep colour. Like the cold deep waters of the grand Pacific Ocean, this gin changes like a watery mirage. It pours like a blue wave into your glass but once topped with sparkling tonic, it changes to the radiant lilac of a tropical island flower. As it swirls and charges before your eyes, it is hard to look away from the mystery that is a Natural Mirage.

Try half filing your glass with crushed ice, then pour your dink in thirds. One shot of Fever-Tree Light Tonic, one pour of Mirage Gin & top with a splash of tonic. Garnish with a sliver of sour seasonal fruit (green apples and sour plums are great currently).

Kick back and enjoy.


Berry Slow Gin

Don't be fooled by the vibrant, while totally natural colour. Berry Slow Gin is no prissy drink. Boasting all the boldness of a full-bodied gin, Berry Slow is delicious served neat on ice, or topped with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic (we like to garnish with a scrunch of mint).

Or enjoy as a Berry Slow Spritz – A generous glass of ice, Berry Slow Gin, topped with a cascade of quality Australian Sparkling (& seriously we do mean quality, don't mix it with any old trash). Garnish to your audience…wedges of lime…or berries & mint. A festive winner!

Don’t be afraid to experiment… Berry Slow Gin loves a little muddle…crushed ice, fresh berries and mint, will get you off to a winning start. Berry Slow is not limited to Sunsets drinks, embrace it with a “Slow” Sunday lunch.


Barrel Aged Gin with a splash of Ginger Ale

Enjoy your Barrel Aged Gin as you would a fine brandy, really get your nose in there. Pour over the rocks and savour. Or mix it up it up, with Fever-Tree's Dry Ginger Ale. Or perhaps try a Dry Margitini – skip the Vermouth and add a spray of quality Tequila…garnish with a sprig of rosemary (instead of an olive).

This fantastic Barrel Aged Gin, is also the base for our incredible Ginger Bee Gin (find it at the end of this web page, or our online shop).


Nestled between the Great Dividing Range and the Pacific Ocean, Emerald Island Distillery draws inspiration from the pristine coastline and the sea kissed hinterland.

Ginger Bee Gin